Fully-Featured Events For Publishers


If you are currently using the Zvents Platform we are offering three months of free enhanced training and support, plus 5% off your base price for one year.

Digital First

Pointslocal events is a true digital-first events platform. We make it easy to manage original, user-generated and aggregated events in one place for all your media.

  • Incredibly robust edit and workflow controls
  • Smart auto-tagging and duplicate detection
  • Fully-styled listings directly into print CMS


Run your ads, in your positions without the constraints of cookie cutter templates. We make it easy to book extra revenue with a variety of self-serve upsales

  • Featured event placement
  • Paid search placement
  • Automatic publishing of events to customers' social streams

Easy in every way

Pointslocal events has simple pricing, automated upsales and an incredibly easy setup. In most cases, no contract is necessary - just sign up, setup and you are good to go.

  • Drag-drop-design, customizable widgets, API
  • Electronic support and training videos standard
  • Live support and training available