Hello, we are Pointslocal.

We make it easy for you to create, curate, aggregate and automatically enhance content-rich Web sites with news, social media, sports, events and more.



Whatever your publishing needs, Pointslocal Streamline is a complete CMS that simplifies building and managing entire sites or enhancing existing publications. An intelligent personalization and content recommendation engine, smart aggregation, robust content management, drag-and-drop design, curation, social media integration, a full API and industry-leading tools for sports and events make Streamline perfect for niche, topic-driven and hyperlocal publishers.

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SocialCountdown is a unique platform for publishers wishing to incorporate social authentication and to power personalization of content, recommendations and to chart social and traditional user data to track interest, sentiment and performance on any number of topics -- music, movies, politics, venues and more. With a completely customizable interface and tunable scoring algorithm, you can easily build and manage anything from a Top 40 music chart to a business-rating database.

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Streamline is perfect for individual publishers, but it is also optimized for organizations wishing to distribute content to media groups. Workflow controls allow for any number of integration scenarios from allowing users access to edit all, some or none of the distributed content. Story, event and sports statistics creation all have edit tools and queues allowing large teams to contribute (including UGC) and easily work together on coherent distributed editorial packages.

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